Friday, May 21, 2010

The Intro...

Ever have one of those days when you need…oh, I don’t know…

A flash of sanity?

Rough day at work? You need a flash of sanity.
Rough day at school and now you have mountains of homework? Get a flash of sanity.
Rough day at home with the kids? You definitely need a flash of sanity.
Can’t believe the latest stupid thing done by a celebrity? Politician? Boss? Teenager? Spouse?

You need a flash.

And that’s what I hope to bring to you every so often. Let’s face it: A flash of sanity is what most of us in this country need. Whether it’s as a break from the mundane, a break from the chaos that is our lives, or a moment of sanity that we hope envelopes those who were elected in Washington D.C., we all need it. Hopefully, by coming here from time to time, I can help us all with a little bit of sanity.

I’m actually starting this blog as a requirement for a Master’s class I’m taking through the University of New England (shameless plug). I’m not sure what everyone considers to be the “normal” blog, but I think this will come close. I need to do a few things on here for my class, but I will also be updating on my life, my family, politics, sports news, and any other thing that causes me to think:

That person needs a flash of sanity...


  1. I'm not going to tease you about flashing people, Geoff. Really, I'm not.

  2. Thanks. Nate's on facebook teasing me about being a drug dealer...

  3. So long as this flashing is strictly cyber, I'm in!